By March 11, 2016

BMW 435i ZHP Coupe – Only 100 of a Kind

This particular BMW model is aimed at the hearts of car enthusiasts around the world. It took the concept of “premium” and gave it a good shaking. Sold in 2015, the BMW 435i ZHP Coupe is a limited release vehicle with only 100 units ever made. The exclusive nature of this vehicle was sure to appeal to car buyers looking for long-term ownership.

Over the course of decades, BMW has proven its vehicle value. Many owner-enthusiasts actively care for and maintain their BMWs with the intention of selling them later for a profit. It’s not hard to imagine that many buyers of the 435i ZHP Coupe had that same intention. With only 100 units made, this is a collectors item almost too precious to drive.

This model comes with the M Performance Package II, which means it packs 35 additional horsepower and 32 lb.-ft. of extra torque than the next best BMW model. These dynamic power enhancements are made possible through greater tuning, a performance exhaust and more robust air intake. The driver interface has also been enhanced.

As an indicator of exclusivity, the BMW 435i ZHP comes with subtle decals on the rocker panels. 18-inch sport wheels and brushed aluminum exhaust tips give the vehicle an unmistakably sporty flair. The M Aerodynamics Package adds a black rear diffuser, rear carbon fibre spoilers, and M Performance grilles.

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