By November 26, 2015

BMW 2016 M6: The new face of a classic

bmw, 2016, luxury, car loversEquipped with a 4.4 liter V-8 560 HP twin turbocharged engine and a slightly new look, the 2016 BMW M6 is set to make a statement for a classic car that continues to stand the test of time leaving a mark etched into the streets and the minds of car lovers and fanatics.

Born in 1976, the 6 line, now known as the M6, has developed a reputation for stylish yet powerful coupes throughout its history. Even though little has changed since that first model, the 2016 comes with a slight redesign accompanied by some serious engine power to continue captivating generations of the German automaker’s craftsmanship.

A hefty yet stylized piece of Teutonic automobilist craftsmanship

The new M6 keeps some of the elements that have made it a classic – like the jet fighter look – but you can be sure by looking at it from top to bottom that, while nostalgia may play a part in the creation of this car, it didn’t hinder its capabilities in becoming one of this year’s more potent cars in its segment.

A total weight that almost tops the 2.5 tons may seem detrimental for its ability to move fast, but that was compensated with a massive 4.4 liter V-8 560 HP twin turbocharged engine that can push the accelerometer all the way up to 250 KM/H, also achieving a 0 to 100KM/H in 4.4 seconds.

It´s worth noting that with all the modification of the competition package, the total power of the M6 can be raised up to 600 HP.

For the transmission, the M6 comes with two options: a seven speed automated manual with shift paddles and the more traditional six speed manual.

This four wheeled jet fighter has a fuel economy estimate that ranges between 16 and 17 mpg.

Comfort and luxury go hand in hand inside the M6

BMW does not cut corners when it´s time to build the interior of their cars and the M6 is proof of that.

They use high quality materials for the door panels and the dashboard, while incorporating widely supportive and adjustable front seats. For the driver, it incorporates easy to read analog gauges, as well as a 10.2 inch widescreen display, showing the iDrive interface for controlling all of the cars systems.

For the convertible model, the well-insulated top lowers fast and smooth, also giving the possibility of controlling the wind noise when it’s down.

In the sound department, the coupe offers the possibility of incorporating a 16 speaker Harman Kardon Surround system among other features included in the Executive package; like the USB/IPOD integration and heated steering wheel, just to mention a few.

At the end, the 2016 M6 is a powerful and worthy member of the BMW family. One that flashes brilliant craftsmanship from the wheel to the engine, without taking anything for granted. If you’re looking for a high end Grand Turismo style vehicle, this may very well be you’re best option.

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